Photographing a 20 month old toddler

This weekend, I decided to take the first batch of photos for the Christmas Cards I’m planning on making. My wife was out of the house for the morning, so I got our daughter all to myself.

I asked Em if she wanted to take some pictures. I was surprised that she said yes. I took out the blanket and put it on the floor against the wall, right beside the window. I had her stand and I took a few test-shots to check for exposure and I re-adjusted the settings accordingly. I asked her to step back, and she did. I asked her if she wanted to sit on the blanket, and she did. I thought, “wow”, to myself. It still surprises me when she follows direction.

So, this was going well. I thought, maybe I will do the Christmas photo. I asked if she wanted to get changed and put on a dress. She got all happy and went to the stairs. Again, I was surprised. We went upstairs, where I chose one of the nicer dresses, and put it on her. She loved it. We went downstairs, back to the window. She followed directions perfectly. “Wanna stand by the window?…now look outside…turn around…now look at daddy…now say “Hiiii”…now sit down on the blanket..” It was great.

When we were done, I showed her the photos on the back of the camera, where she enthusiastically pointed and said “baaabyy!” on pictures of her.

When we went back upstairs to put on regular clothes, she insisted we put on the blue dress. I somehow managed to convince her that going downstairs in regular clothes was her own idea, and we went downstairs for lunch.

The next day, I thought she had forgotten about the photoshoot. Nope. At one point, she took out the blanket, put it in the right spot, put on her hat, sat on the blanket and said, “picture?”.

I was happy 🙂 however, by the time I got the camera, moved furniture, and got on the floor, she came up to me and wanted to look at pictures on the camera.

This girl won’t sit still.

Tracz Family Christmas 2011

Final Photo for the Christmas Cards


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